Friday, 10 January 2014

My very dry/sensitive/eczema prone skin care routine

Hello, So today I thought I would share my skincare routine I have very dry/sensitive/eczema prone skin & have recently been getting breakouts to add to the mix. When I was younger I don't remember my skin being this dry however I do remember my eczema flaring up on my face i.e eyelids & cupids bow since I was abut 7years old & haven't grown out of it. It's been a lot of trial & error through the years trying to find what makes my skin relatively happy & not feel like the burning pits of hell or so dry that I can barely move my face.
Morning Routine
Morning Routine
To cleanse my face in the morning I use Vichy Purete Thermale one step cleanser (link) its 3in1 with cleansing milk, toner & eye make remover. I tend to have my showers at night time & do a more traditional cleansing routine there. The reason I do it this way is when my face has contact with water it feels tight & sore even if I just get caught in the rain, then having tone/moisturize & put make up on is a pretty big ordeal for my skin. Switching this routine from morning to night has benefited me much more & I can get some more sleep in the morning which is always a bonus in my eyes! To use this Vichy cleanser I just put some on a cotton pad & wipe all over my face in circular motions it also has toner too so I can skip another step (yay). I can't recommend this enough it leaves my skin clean, plump & soft what more can I ask for?  I used to use the infamous Loreal 3in1 Miscellar solution (link) but in the time that I used it I was covered in very sore under the skin spots, I was in denial & blamed every other product but in the few weeks that I've stopped using it my skin has cleared up. I then moisturize with my Aveeno cream (link) this has been amazing & has vastly improved the condition of my skin, I rarely have eczema flare ups since using this & in turn don't often need to turn to any nasty steroid creams. I let the Aveeno cream sink in while I try & fix the bird's nest that is my hair then use another moisturizer as a make up base, such as Olay day fluid for sensitive skin (link) or Garnier Moisture Match Ultra Hydrating Cream (link). These are both great and keep my skin hydrated all day my face needs all the moisture it can get.

Night Time Routine
 Night Time Routine 
When I come home I use the Vichy cleanser again to remove my make-up & then do my night time routine in the shower first I use a face scrub such as Clinique 7 day scrub cream (link) this is the travel size. This is my favorite it has the perfect consistency of beads & haven't found any other scrubs that compare, others I've tried are either too harsh or the beads are non-existent & shouldn't be called a scrub- the search continues for a cheaper alternative. To cleanse I use L'Oreal soothing gel cream wash (link) it really does soothe my skin even when irritated with eczema & doesn't dry out my skin any further. For toner I like to use Lush Tea Tree Water (link) I spritz this on a cotton pad & wipe over my face, so after its been through that ordeal I like to just chill out & let the moisturizer sink in using a generous layer of Aveeno cream (link) & just before bed I put on another layer. For the cheeky spots that like to appear I use either Lush Grease Lightning (link), tea tree oil (link) or good old Germolene (link).

Weekly Routine
Once a week while I have coconut oil (link) in my hair wrapped in a plastic bag (yes it's as sexy as it sounds). I use a nourishing face mask usually from Superdrug (link) that's in the little sachets I tend to pick out the yogurt smoothie one as its for dry skin & it smells delicious.

Apologies for the lack of lids, if it's not attached its gone!
What's your skincare routine?

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