Saturday, 15 February 2014

Winter Holiday: Tenerife Vlog Part 1/2 Boat Trip Fail & Loro Parque Zoo

Hello it feels like forever since I last blogged but I wanted to do a post about my amazing holiday away to Tenerife! We went away on the 28th of January for 10 nights, I still can't believe I'm back to this horrible weather it was over 20 degrees which is as hot as I can handle- I'm not much of a sun worshipper even though I was out everyday to my dismay my tan seems to be non existent & replaced by lots of freckles. 
We stayed at the Fanabe Costasur Hotel In Costa Adeje, its a 4 star hotel which I think is pretty generous as I'd say the decor is pretty outdated & could be doing with a whole refurbish. Saying that though we couldn't fault the place for cleanliness as the whole place was constantly scrubbed by the cleaners who were up at the crack of dawn every morning doing so. The food was also amazing with fresh fish, chicken, beef etc prepared in front of you. I'm not usually adventurous with food but I made an effort to to go out my comfort zone & try everything. We went all inclusive & I had more than my fair share of tequila sunrise cocktails, as much fun as I had to my shame I put on half a stone in those 10 short days. Would you believe if I said I was up early every morning going on adventures & walking for miles? All that aside I started Slimming World properly this time on Tuesday so hopefully I can say goodbye to this weight gain. The best part of the hotel other than the food was the rooftop sunbathing area (there was even a closed off part for the adventurous nudists)! There's also two pools & a bar even though this is a family friendly hotel the rooftop is for adults only.
(Hotel Fanabe Costasur -view from hotel balcony)
Tenerife Vlog Part 1: Exploring Costa Adeje & Boat Trip Fail!
On our first adventure we went on a 3 hour boat trip to see the whales, we chose a smaller boat that fitted about 20 people. On this particular trip they provide lunch & set up dock so you can see the turtles & snorkel with them. Before getting on the boat we were warned the the waves were pretty rough, I didn't mind as I have been on a boat in the Philippines from Cebu to Leyte with cattle (I'll tell this story another time). Graeme said he didn't mind as he'd never been on a boat. On the first hour or so the waves were pretty huge but we sat at the front clinging on to the banisters like it was an amazing theme park ride. The novelty soon wore off when Graeme started vomiting everywhere! We did see some whales but didn't actually film them. Two hours into the journey the 'captain' asked if we wanted to head to the dock for lunch as the boat was thrashing about & having lunch at the middle of the sea didn't sound too pleasant. We all agreed & when we hit the dock Graeme nearly elbow smashed the 'captain' to get off the boat & vowed never to go on a boat again! Quite a few other people had been sea sick & got off too so it wasn't too embarrassing. I was gutted we didn't see the turtles & unfortunately that boat trip has put me off going on any other water adventures in the near future.
Tenerife Vlog Part 2: Loro Parque Zoo
Today we went to the amazing Loro Parque it was located on the other side of the island in Tenerife & we had to take a coach there at 8.30am that took an hour and & half to get there & the only coach home was at 4pm. I must admit I was dreading the journey but it was totally worth it! Don't be put off by the journey as we had a brilliant time. I didn't even manage to film the bird show & sea lion show- both so funny! Unfortunately the dolphin show was cancelled due to maintenance but did manage to film the Orca (killer) whale show. I've been to zoos before but this was by far the best & there's so much to do, I'm no expert but to me the animals are much loved & cared for. Loro Parque Zoo started off as a bird sanctuary and has expanded dramatically to home animals from reptiles to white tigers so there's plenty of  truly amazing creatures to see. There's also lots of places to eat- even a little roller coaster for the kids! If you ever go to Tenerife you have to visit Loro Parque you won't be disappointed.
Stay tuned for more vlogs from Tenerife.
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  1. Hope you had a great holiday. Tenerife is lovely! Did you go to Siam Park? :) Molly Louise Blogs

    1. Yes it was amazing thanks! Yes siam park was brill! 2x of the rides was shut for maintenance though:( It was so quiet aswel so as soon as we got off the ride we just went on again. I have a short vlog too:P What was your favourite ride? Xx

    2. I went on the snake one. Wasn't pleased that the attendant sent me down backwards. :) xo

    3. Yeah I liked that one too, we mustve had the same guy that was a bit of a joker he told me I was going to die before he pushed me through! haha.Theres a new ride called Kinnaree that was my favourite & the tower of power, but the volcano & the giant was shut:( Xx

  2. Hi Maria, this holiday looks lovely and relaxing! I have tagged you for the Liebster award on my blog, you can read the rules and questions there. I look forward to reading your response!