Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sweater Weather Tag

Ross Hall Park Glasgow

Rouken Glen Park Glasgow
Whats your favorite candle scent?
 Would you be surprised if I said I've never owned a Yankee candle? I might ask Santa for one this year....:P but my favorite candle scent is coffee galore by Lily Flame or anything with a berry scent.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
Definitely coffee without a doubt all year round, I'll have tea if theirs nothing else & although I'm a chocolate fiend I'm not really a big fan of hot chocolate.

Whats your best Autumn memory?
I've always said that Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year and last year my boyfriend proposed to me at the waterfall in Rouken Glen park.

Favorite thanksgiving food (changed to favorite A/W food)
It has to be soup the chunkier the better anything goes except carrot & coriander or tomato.

Whats Autumn weather like where you live?
Unpredictable is probably the best word to describe Scottish weather but when the sun does eventually come out through the chilly weather everyone is happy.

Whats your most worn sweater?
Probably the same cardi/jumper that everyone has been rocking this year the fuzzy one from Primark (you know the one:P)

Must have nail polish for Autumn
This season I've been turning to a brand called Technic in the colour South Pacific which is a beautiful teal colour.

Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
I will never understand football so leaf piles- always.

Skinny jeans or leggings?
I live in leggings or dresses with thick tights.

Combat boots or Uggs?
I used to wear Uggs all the time back in the day but they would get completely wrecked with the all the rain that we Scots have so its been my trusty Dr. martens.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
 I haven't actually tried it yet........

Whats your favourite Autumn TV show?
 I don't really watch Autumn shows like X- factor or I'm a celeb I'm more into watching a series like the Walking Dead or American Horror Story the Coven that's on right now.

What song gets you really into the Autumn spirit?
Hmm I can't really think of a particular song I just like listening to whatever s on I'm easily pleased.

Let me know if you've done this tag:)

Much Love Christina Xxx


  1. Hi Christina, I really like you blog! I wish I could of done this tag, but its winter now.
    Are you on bloglovin? ps. Glasgow looks beautiful I really want to go xx

    1. Hi thank you, yes I've just signed up to bloglovin there (I'm still not sure what I'm doing lol) I've had a look at your blog & followed you.You should still do the tag I think its relatable to winter too. Yeah Glasgow does have some gems:) Xxx

    2. Thank you, I've found you on bloglovin and followed. I think I will do the tag :) I'll mention your blog in my post xx

    3. That's really sweet thank you I'll have a wee read at it when you post it:) Xxx