Thursday, 13 March 2014

Slimming World Update Month 1. Lost 7.5 pounds!

Slimming World Update Month 1

So I made it through my 1st month of Slimming World & if you read my blog you may be slightly confused as the last time I mentioned Slimming World it was the end of December. Well truth be told trying to do it online on my own without actually going to classes just didn't work for me. As previously mentioned when I came back from holiday I was mortified to find out I'd put on quite a few pounds in 10 short days so that gave me the kick that needed to do something about my weight! My first class was on the 11th of February and have been losing much needed pounds ever since. 

I don't know what it is about going to class every week that makes something switch in my mind that allows me to make a choice 'yes my partner wants to go to the drive through, yes I would usually get an unhealthy meal- but do I really want it now? For the past month the answer has been surprisingly no. I'm not saying I'm giving up the junk food forever but I've not really felt the urge to cry just because people around me are eating take aways as I don't necessarily feel deprived of the bad stuff. I just choose not to have it 'this time' & I still have syns to use that keeps me sane. Trust me I'm not the type of person that has a lot of willpower, I usually give up on the first hurdle which isn't one of my best qualities.

If your wondering I've been following the 'extra easy' plan as I can just eat everything, to be honest I haven't really bothered looking at the 'red' and 'green' days as I seem to be doing fine at the moment. At the most I would love to lose four stone but I would be extremely happy if I lost 2.5 to 3 stone or even just see how I get along.

This is how I've done so far:
18th Feb -3
25th Feb -2.5
4th Mar -0.5
11 Mar -1.5
Month 1 total loss 7.5 pounds

I think I've done pretty well considering I haven't done any exercise whatsoever & I have been non stop eating. I even had a a boozy night last Saturday & that 1.5 pounds loss that week really took me by surprise as I had quite alot to drink that night & a killer hangover to prove it! Must of been all the shapes I was cutting- my dance moves are truly awful! As much as I enjoy going to the weekly classes I do sometimes feel disheartened when I see some people losing 7.5 pounds in a week but everyone is different & I'm happy with the progress I've made. I even got my 1st sticker & certificate on Tuesday for losing 1/2 stone! Wooooo its all about the stickers! I'll update every month to let you know how I've been getting on. If your thinking about joining Slimming World I say go for it!

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