Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New Shoes? Primark of course!

Primark- £14
Through the gloom of the typical Glasgow weather I decided to cheer myself up by heading to Primark for a little bargain hunt. I didn't go there for any particular item(s) but as usual I scurried out of there clutching the infamous brown paper bag that nicely turned to mush by the time I got to the end of the street. There may be a little haul soon so look out for that! When I first spotted these I ran straight over & was met with two different styles these closed toe pair pictured above & another similar pair with gold hardware & open toes. It wasn't a hard decision to pick between them both as the gold buckles was a little to blingy & they showed far to many toes (if they makes any sense). I'm sure they would look gorgeous on someone else just not me. These sandals are great quality its the softest faux leather & extremely comfortable. The ankle straps have stretch & there's a zip in the back so no need for faffing about with the buckles. They are also very similar to others I've seen on the high street for at least double the price!! £14 well spent & I can't wait to wear them, if you haven't been to Primark in a while & are looking for some cute chunky sandals grab them quick before the sun come out! Bravo Primark!!

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  1. Great shoes! Very edgy and chic, I love them!