Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Blogmas Day 2 & 3

Blogmas/Vlogmas Day 2
Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 2:) Today I received some goodies that I ordered last week I just get so excited when I receive post that isn't junk mail. The first thing was a remote for my canon camera. I am such a slow learner with technology but also one of those people that doesn't read the instructions either..... After filming my Party Season Lookbook presuming that when I stepped back the camera would focus on its own I was so upset that all of my content was just all blur. It was so frustrating that I was on my own but luckily my boyfriend finished work early and helped me that day. So voila this nifty little remote will solve my future blur problems & was the best £2 I've ever spent on eBay:)

Another purchase was an early Christmas gift from my boyfriend he knew I wanted to start vlogging some content but terrified to take my Canon 600D out as Ive already had a few near misses & don't want to risk breaking it or taking it on holiday with us next year. As we are always out for a bargain we looked at for the Black Friday deals and we luckily had a £30 off voucher too. We came across the Canon Powershot SX240 HS & it had some good reviews. With the offer & voucher it came to £70 which we thought was a pretty good deal. I can't wait to have a proper play around with it tomorrow as I'm just home & its already pitch black outside :( I watched the season finale of the Walking Dead which is  one of my ultimate favorite shows it left us on such a cliff hanger I can't contain my excitement for the next season that starts on February. What shows do you like to watch and recommend?

Blogmas/Vlogmas Day 3
I did a little vlogmas today with my new camera- I didn't manage to get footage outside as I had to wait in for the yodel man/woman to collect something & he didn't even come!!! I waited from 9am until 8pm like an idiot I am so upset. I decided against posting it as all I did was moan all through vlog, better luck tomorrow. What did cheer me up though was having some Ben & Jerry's Phish food with frozen yogurt it tastes the exact same at the regular. I've tried most of the ice creams they have through the years but I don't seem to like any them....Whats your favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream?
Much Love Christina Xxx

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