Monday, 2 December 2013

Blogmas/Vlogmas? Day 1

Hello so winter is finally upon us & I've been debating whether to do blogmas/vlogmas this year? I've been watching other peoples through the years & love to see what other people get up to in different parts of the world & maybe you would like to see what the Christmas season is like for me in Glasgow? I will probably vlog/blog with a few days of content then upload as I don't want to be too boring but I'll let you be the judge of that:P I'm not going to have a mad Christmas this year as I'm going on holiday in January that we booked way back in the Summer. This is going to be our first holiday funnily enough even though we've been together for so long but my boyfriend suffers from anxiety and panic attacks so its took a lot for him to even think about booking a holiday abroad but we'll see if he even steps on the plane. Also more importantly due to the tragedy that's happened in the Philippines recently I'd rather have a more reformed Christmas and focus on whats really important & that you don't need a lot of money to have a lovely Christmas:)

December :1st
Well today was pretty chilled out I had my driving lesson this morning this is about my 5th lesson to date and tried to master the act of reverse parking which I didn't do to well at but there's always next time. I'm usually the annoying giggly driver waving sorry to everyone for stalling or driving a little bit too slow/fast but today I was filled with a little bit of road rage. I was on a pretty steep hill at the traffic lights & slowly trying to get through the system of finding the biting point-releasing the hand brake-acceleration when the daft women behind me started revving her engine, calling me all sorts from what I could lip read & beeping her horn. However I managed to chug through the amber light & leave her behind. When I waved to say sorry I sneakily gave her the finger- yes that was my revenge. I also wore a beanie today for the first time ever (how exciting) it may be glued to my head for the rest of winter.

I went into the city center with my sister & sadly walked past a scene of another recent tragedy that happened in Glasgow on Friday night when a police helicopter dropped from the sky & crashed through the roof of a busy pub. So far 9 people have been confirmed dead, as the services battle through the wreckage. A memorial service was held today in Glasgow Cathedral for those who had lost their lives but there's fears there may be more bodies under the rubble. My thoughts go to the families and friends of the people who sadly passed.

This is a little summary of my day stay tuned for more (hopefully) happier vlog/blogmas:)
Let me know if your doing it this year.

Much Love Christina Xxx

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