Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My favourite winter nail polishes

Hello:) I thought I would do a little post on some nail polishes that I have been loving this chilly winter season. There's a mixture of different brands in my collection but I have to say that in my experience I prefer Topshops formula as I find that they chip less & I don't need as many coats to have a true colour pay off. Apologies for the horrible hand pictures I have really bad eczema & my skin is really thick, if you have eczema you will know what I mean.

From pinky to thumb.

Revlon Vintage 570- In the bottle this polish looks more like a deep pink but on the nails its a little more red.

 Technic Carnival Topcoat- A burst of different coloured glitter in a clear polish to me its Christmas confetti in a bottle. This brand isn't the best quality it seems to take forever & a half to dry & the smell is stronger than other polishes I've tried but for the price I cant complain too much. I have Revlon Vintage 570 as an undercoat.

Revlon in Scandalous 761- A gorgeous purple glittery topcoat mixed in with a sheer black polish so it vamps up any colour of  polish underneath. In this look I have Revlon Vintage in 570 as an undercoat.

Technic South Pacific - A beautiful teal colour which has been my favorite nail polish this season as much as I love my deep reds and navy this colour just makes me happy- is that weird? (Unfortunately the camera isn't picking up its true colour)

Topshop Big Smoke- Is a muted grey that sways towards nude compared to the brighter polishes that I have been wearing recently, but equally love nonetheless.

What nail polishes have you been wearing recently?

Much Love Christina Xxx


  1. i love that multi coloured glitter over the pink polish!im such a sucker for multi coloured glitter:)x

    1. Me too I really need to invest in more glitter nail polishes:) Xx