Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Starting Slimming World

Hello:) Hope you are well so today I decided to do Slimming World I'm not going to bore you with the 'new year new me' malarkey because that doesn't work with me I see it for what it is just another day. Although for some people that doesn't mean these new year resolutions aren't enough to kick start motivation I just don't seem to follow things through especially as a 'new year resolution' which I must admit is my downfall. It appealed more to me than Weight Watchers because there is no counting/weighing/measuring, I can eat as much as I want including all the carbs, still enjoy proper meals & also have treats everyday in the form of syns.

This will actually be my second attempt at Slimming World I joined only a few months ago around August like today I just decided to go for it- not talking myself out of it just going to the nearest meeting. I was only there for two weeks- yes I know it was a pitiful attempt. It definitely wasn't a a traditional 'diet' I ate until I was full, I was constantly snacking & in the two weeks I lost half a stone-yes! I didn't do any exercise what so ever & there wasn't a salad in sight, I also had chocolate every night. Why did I stop? One weekend I had some major changes including moving to a new flat & getting a new job both were unexpected & completely stressed me out. So from that weekend on Slimming World wasn't priority I started eating unhealthily again for convenience & put weight on. Instead of brushing myself off & starting again through embarrassment I just didn't go back- which was pretty silly of me.

Today I woke up pretty positive for a change & I decided I wanted to give Slimming World another try. Being New Years Eve I didn't realize that all the classes near me have been changed to different days i.e yesterday so the next class wont be until the next week. I still have my Slimming world pack & with the power of the internet I have access to hundreds of delicious recipes. The reason to 'why now' is with the gain of even more pounds I've put on with over indulging on Christmas goodies I literally cannot breathe in my clothes. I also have PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome so I really need to shed some weight to reduce my symptoms & basically live a healthier lifestyle. I may do a post about PCOS in the future, I would love to speak to more women who have it as I don't actually know anyone who suffers from it. I don't have a particular weight goal I just want to be healthy & happy as does everyone else. According to the BMI chart I need to lose about 4 stone & I'm in the obese category but I'll be happy with any amount of weight loss. I've actually been over a stone heavier than what I am now at my heaviest & have been overweight all my life. I'm excited to start this journey again properly & will hopefully learn how to actually cook. I'll update every week to let you know how I'm getting on.

Have you every tried Slimming World?

So it's time to say goodbye to 2013 hope you have an amazing Hogmanay and stay safe, see you next year!

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